Every story has a beginning. Talk to any Interior Designer who lives with a PASSION for the profession and you will discover a common thread- it starts as a child. As children we have things that excite us and things that utterly do not.

I grew up in Aberdeen, SD. A town of roughly 30,000 (then). I was not surrounded by beautiful architecture, culture, and art. However, I grew up in an environment that told me I could be whatever I wanted and it was up to me to make it exactly what I dreamed of.

My mom had a big influence on my “eye”. A stickler for a neat bed and clean house, she was also an avid crafter and would, from time to time, experiment with furniture arranging. I can tell you that arranging the furniture in our living room was like Christmas! I started to experiment with this thrill more often with my own bedroom furniture and belongings. I would spend an entire afternoon in my tiny bedroom finding yet another way to position my twin bed. The walls were riddled with nail and tack holes from items hung and re-hung. Mom and Dad allowed me this creative outlet.

Looking back- I cannot believe they were so patient. My Dad was always building something, remodeling our house and taking care of others’ homes. Through this I learned I could not only have a positive influence on my own surroundings but beautify others’ homes and properties.

As a child my favorite class was (surprise!) ART. Art came naturally and it was FUN. I would enter every coloring contest I could get my hands on. After getting schooled by my brother (awesome at art himself) and applying tricks of my own, I pretty much had the formula to winning down pat… Go above and beyond and color outside the lines (i.e. the background), and embellish. I won a variety of prizes and best of all- always a picture in the Aberdeen American News.

In high school, Interior Design was offered as a class. I jumped at the chance to learn more about what I thought was just my “hobby”. I learned that activities I liked were complementary to a real profession and that I could actually earn a living from doing something that I LOVED.

In 1995, I left SD for the University of MN where I graduated from the Interior Design Program. After 15+ years in the industry, I am so thankful that I am able to do what I am passionate about and share it with others. It gives my heart joy to give someone else the thrill of loving where they live, work, and play!

The blogs I will share with you come from a pure love of DESIGN and wanting to share with others the excitement and passion. Come on the journey, help me fill the pages of this story!